Faultfinding and troubleshooting on your plant?

Did you know that we’re coming to your plant – what can we do for you?

Faultfinding and troubleshooting, repair, renovation and refurbishment of all types of electronics on machines, automated systems, building automation, trains, ships, mobile plants, power plants, industry, machinery factories, pharmaceutical companies, amusement facilities, public facilities, wastewater treatment plants ….. … we manage all types of systems and systems.

  • Automatic equipments
  • Electronic systems
  • PC controlled machines
  • PLC controlled machinery
  • Pneumatik
  • Relay controls at older plants
  • Servo systems and servomotors
  • Control systems on machinery
  • Power plants
  • Motorcontrolers and motors

Where do we come and find fault?

We are investigating electronics at your facility in Jylland, Fyn and Sjælland, Norway, Sweden, Poland, and Germany. If the accident is out, we can always help you with, for example:

Our well-qualified technicians are finding out all over Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Poland, North Germany and on ships where they try to repair with you, if possible. If the equipment is completely defective, it can be done at our workshop in Viby Sj or Vejle. Our experience has been achieved through more than 25 years, so there is not much we can not solve. We come with more than 3500 customers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Poland and Germany, and positively we are the only ones offering this kind of assistance. We are not printed circuit boards change, but find the defective component and change it, with low costs as a result.

Contact us at (+45) 46 48 20 60 and talk to a troubleshooting technician!

Faultfinding on location