PRO-CONSULT's director turns 50

By Sandra Lütken

Marketing Manager – proconsult.as

18 April 2024

Siemens Simatic S7-300

On April 22, 2024, PRO-CONSULT's managing director Jacob Andersen turns 50. On this occasion, we take a look back at his career in PRO-CONSULT.

A director who creates significant results

Managing Director Jacob Andersen has been part of PRO-CONSULT's journey ever since 2015, when the company had 15 employees spread over two departments. Now PRO-CONSULT has grown from 15 to 38 employees, spread over four departments.

During the past five years, PRO-CONSULT has doubled its turnover to almost DKK 35 million in 2023, and growth continues in line with the expansion of the departments.

Curiosity about people and electronics

When Jacob settles behind the desk, it is always with the intention of making customers satisfied and having employees who thrive.

Before Jacob joined PRO-CONSULT, he was maintenance manager and therefore has a good knowledge of both the customer segment and their challenges.

Jacob Andersen

Human development

In addition, Jacob has always had a particular focus on human development. Jacob was previously a volunteer business guide under the Erhvervsguiderne initiative. Here he was a mentor for young people who needed a helping hand to complete their education. Today, Jacob and PRO-CONSULT help young people by supporting the Julemærke homes every year.

Jacob Andersen also does what he can for his employees: "Our employees must have the right framework in order to thrive," he says. In general, Jacob often leaves his desk to talk to the employees, so that he can gain better insight into their everyday life and well-being.

Focus on growth

The vision for the company is to open another department and to focus even more on the internal digital tools that promote internal knowledge sharing. "Repairing industrial electronics is a rather unique niche, where there is rarely a manual for the equipment," says Jacob Andersen. It is therefore essential that employees can benefit from previous experience in the company.

In addition, Jacob Andersen, together with PRO-CONSULT's other board, is passionate about developing the company for further growth. The vision is to open another branch in Denmark when the timing is right. So PRO-CONSULT reaches four departments that cover the whole of Denmark.

Sea kayaking and beer brewing

When Jacob is not at work, he enjoys the rural surroundings in the small yellow house south of Holbæk, where he lives with Marlene, who is an office assistant at PRO-CONSULT. Jacob has a great interest in sea kayaking, brewing beer and being out in nature.

We wish Jacob Andersen congratulations on his 50th birthday.