Sustainability in Production

By Sandra Lütken

Marketing Manager – proconsult.as

18 April 2024

Siemens Simatic S7-300

A short-term solution

In many companies, it is crucial that the machines and equipment work exactly as they should and without breakdowns. A breakdown in production can be a huge cost to any company. When a breakdown occurs, some companies choose to buy a new machine so that they can start producing again as fast as possible. It can be a significant expense, but it could also have a negative impact on the environment to buy new equipment. It is therefore a short-term solution to buy brand new instead of getting machinery repaired.

In many cases, it pays to maintain and repair the machine instead of buying a new one. Department manager at PRO-CONSULT, Jørgen Romme, mentions: "customers buy new because they don't necessarily consider that electronics can be repaired”. There may be an assumption that it cannot be answered - but it actually can in many cases.

To replace rather than buying new equipment

In fact, sustainability is being demanded more and more between companies. Demand for sustainability has increased with 75%, according to an analysis from Danish Industry. It can therefore be an advantage for companies to think about sustainability even more than they already do.

Before a breakdown even occurs, companies can focus on the maintenance of the machines. Many companies already focus on the maintenance of the mechanical parts, but the maintenance of the electronic parts is at least as important. Unfortunately, the electronic parts are often overlooked.

Several local specialists, including PRO-CONSULT, can service machines and thus prevent a number of breakdowns. In the event of a breakdown, technical experts can also repair and troubleshoot on the machines. This can be a great advantage for a production company, because they can thus postpone the cost of a new machine. It is both good for the economy and the environment.