24-Hour Repair Service

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An urgent service is essential in the event of a breakdown. With our 24-Hour Repair Service, we guarantee, there is always a technician ready for your company. We will be on our way within 45 minutes.

Advantages of the service

Although our phones are always open, we cannot guarantee that we have a technician available. That is why we have introduced a 24-hour repair service deal, where we ensure that there is always a technician ready to assist in the event of a breakdown.

This can be an advantage in a company where the breakdown has an immediate effect on the turnover. Several of our customers have therefore chosen a 24-hour repair service deal agreement as a part of their risk strategy.

Do you need guaranteed emergency service? Contact us to hear about the benefits of the service.

24-hour repair service deal
24-hour repair service deal

We are here to help

With our emergency service, we ensure that a technician with the right skills is ready for you.

We will also visit your company before our agreement to make sure that we know which machine or plant we are going to repair.

Our technicians face new tasks every day. The technicians have the skills to familiarize themselves with new problems quickly, so that they can get your machine or plant up and running again as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Specialists in Industrial Electronics

PRO-CONSULT is an expert in repair, troubleshooting and sales of electronics and automation products. We have more than 35 years of experience. With our three branches in Vejle, Viby Sjælland and Padborg, we service all of Denmark.