DINA elektronik has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers in the electronics industry.

Their products are known for their reliability, innovative features and advanced technology.

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DINA electronics - selected products

A system for monitoring up to 30 axes in different states. Fully extended up to 15 modules for functional safety applications.
Has a graphical parameterization software that gives you almost unlimited possibilities.
Put an end to complicated wiring! SL VARIO systems can run completely decentralized. With network modules and simple patch cables in 8 independent applications, they can communicate securely with each other.
The cascade modules provide a secure connection between the individual modules. This lets you distribute between modules in an application up to 8 different locations.

Safeline offers the perfect solution for every application. Choose the right central unit from 6 different variants, either with COM or USB port. Combine it with a matching fieldbus connection and visualize the different switching states via one of the major fieldbus protocols.
You can add up to 14 additional modules in one house. Choose from a comprehensive range of I/O modules and speed control modules and control the safety functions you need.
SAFELINE monitors standstill, position, direction and speed brake in three different hardware versions for different measuring systems – Sin / Cos, TTL, HTL, SSI or resolver.
Each module has two monitors for two axes, and in addition they have 8 inputs and 2 or 4 outputs for various safety functions.
This gives you safe drive monitoring and I/O in one module, so you save space and costs. As you can see – the possibilities are virtually endless.

DNDS Modular
Stop monitoring and speed monitoring have never been easier. You do not need software to configure the DNDS modules. Just use the built-in dipswitches. Or you can order the pre-configured equipment, complete with associated documentation and completely free of charge.
The system can upgrade older machines to a higher performance level.
Simple, but powerful – a housing can contain up to 8 motion monitoring modules for measurement systems with Sin/Cos, HTL, TTL, resolver or inductive sensors.
The DNDS modules have inputs for selecting the different operating modes of the machine.
The outputs allow the protective devices to be locked during operation and the machine to be shut down safely in an emergency.

The series offers state-of-the-art safety features at an unbeatable price. The compact housing with its industry-standard design fits into even the smallest electrical panels.
Choose between screw clamp or screwless clamp configurations for easy and quick mounting.
Standstill module DN3PS2
Emergency stop module DNSR-2Rl
Phase module DN3PW1

Cable adapters DINA Elektronik cable adapters for downtime speed monitoring
The cable adapter DNDA serves as a connection line between the motion measurement system and the monitoring module. The adapter contains the necessary connections.
Cable adapters are available for all control variants.
The adapter has a plug and socket on the measuring system connection side. On the monitoring side of the adapter, it has an RJ45 connector.
DNDA has a standard cable length of 2.5 m other cable lengths are available on request.
The DNRJ45 cable adapter has an RJ45 plug at one end and an open cable end with grommet at the other end.