Temporary Staffing

Customize your workforce

PRO-CONSULT offers our temp service to companies who want an extra employee at peak times or simply need a permanent technician at times. You can adapt the workforce to the need of the company - without committing to permanent employment. The service is an advantage in companies that work according to seasons or similar.

Advantages of temp service

With our flexible temp service, we offer skilled technicians with a wide range of skills, ready to assist your team.

With a temporary worker from PRO-CONSULT, you avoid the costs of recruitment, employment and fixed salary expenses. PRO-CONSULT's technicians can begin with a short notice.

We have departments in Vejle, Viby Sjælland and Padborg and can thus offer temporary workers in most of the country.

temp service

Our certifications

Our management system is ISO certified and we provide highly competent assistance. Our technicians have many different skills, e.g. SMD soldering or specialization in automation and high current voltage.

We can bring our own soldering equipment and can work in your workshop or as a traveling technician representing your company.

Local specialists in Industrial Electronics

We are experts in the repair and sales of industrial electronics. With us you get personal advice. You can always catch us on the phone. Contact us today and have a chat about how we can help you.