Electronics in All Industries

This page is only a short selection of the industries that we service. 


Automation is a part of the food production industry. It can be a part of everything: from the machine for processing raw materials to the conveyor belt out to the warehouse. In the event of a breakdown in production companies, production must quickly be up and running again. We are experts in all forms of automation equipment and we are ready to assist you.


When the ship is to sail according to plan, it is essential that everything works as intended. For many years, PRO-CONSULT has helped with urgent repair tasks for all kinds of electronic controls and systems within shipping and off-shore. In addition, we procure spare parts, which we ensure are ready as soon as the ship docks.


In pharmaceutical companies, it is important that production always runs and that breakdowns are limited. There are many forms of automation in the pharmaceutical industry – for example in the production of the active substance.

We solve all types of electronics problems for pharmaceutical companies that need a reliable partner in the event of a breakdown.

When repairing, we only change parts 1:1 and focus on GMP (Good manufacturing practice).


Manufacturing companies are all dependent on well-functioning control from various types of industrial electronics. PRO-CONSULT has solved problems for many companies. We are ready in the event of emergency breakdowns, but also ensure the life extension of existing equipment that has experienced breakdowns in the past.

Solar Inverters

Many solar inverters have been installed around the country and we have been repairing them since the first solar inverter broke.

PRO-CONSULT is an authorized repairer of Carlo Gavazzi solar inverters, but we also repair other brands of solar inverters. Contact us today and find out how we can help you.


We have many years of experience in troubleshooting CNC nachinery and associated control modules. On CNC machines, it is crucial to have control over the tool's position through encoders, resolvers, servo drives, servo motors, control panels, etc. We can help with the repair and sale of spare parts for your CNC machine. Read more here.


PRO-CONSULT has worked with plastics ever since our founding in 1989. Our company started as a machine builder, and have worked with the delivery and repair of controls for injection molding machines since then.

We have versatile knowledge of the plastics industry.

Other Industries

We solve tasks for most types of industries and companies, for example within the production of packaging, furniture production, label machines and amusement facilities. We supply parts to machine builders and wholesalers. Most production companies use a high degree of automation. We are ready to help your company with repair of electronics.

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