Repair of machines

We offer repair of machines throughout Denmark. We have 35 years of experience as a repairer of machines.

Repair of machines throughout Denmark

Our core competence is machine repair and related modules, e.g frequency converters, servo drives, etc. 

We repair everything from conveyor belts in pharmaceutical companies to machines for food production, CNC machines and much more.

We specialize in repairing even the most difficult equipment – we can often solve the problem where others have given up.


We can be reached on the phone around the clock - all year round. Contact us today, and help is on its way to your machine or plant.

We make sure to get your machine or plant up and running again, so that your production can quickly start again. 

Repair of machines

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Repair of machines

Repairing machines for over 35 years

We have been doing machine repair ever since our foundation in 1989. 

It is one of our core competencies to get machines and plants up and running again.

Our skilled technicians are distributed among our three departments in each Viby Zealand. Vejle and Padborg. We thus cover the whole of Denmark and parts of other countries. 

Repair of machines at PRO-CONSULT

Our technicians know how important it is to reduce downtime on your machine or plant. They make an efficient effort and ensure that your production gets back up and running quickly. You can catch us around the clock on the phone on +45 4648 2060.

Why choose PRO-CONSULT for repairing machines?

When machines break down, it can mean expensive downtime and lost productivity. At PRO-CONSULT, we ensure that your machines are quickly back in operation.

35 years of experience in repair

At PRO-CONSULT, we have over 35 years of experience in repairing various types of machines. Our technicians can handle everything from simple repairs to complex technical challenges. 

We reduce the downtime of your plant

We understand how critical it is to your business to keep the machines running. That is why we offer quick response and efficient service. Our aim is to minimize downtime and ensure that your machines are working optimally as quickly as possible. 

We stand behind you

Our customer service is always ready to help, and we adapt our solutions to your company's needs. By choosing PRO-CONSULT, you get not only a supplier, but a reliable partner dedicated to supporting your business. 

Contact us today and find out how we can help you.