The Quality Policy of PRO-CONSULT

The purpose of PRO-CONSULT is to help the customer maintain stable production - when we get a task - we solve it. In the event of one of our customers experiencing an emergency breakdown, the customer's obligations towards their own customers are in our hands and our customer must have confidence that PRO-CONSULT will solve the task as diligently and proactively (or even more diligently) as if it were PRO-CONSULT's own production that was at a standstill.

PRO-CONSULT's quality policy:

We give good and timely communication, so that our customer can plan his production.

We work in a culture of improvement where we are curious to learn from our own mistakes.

We are obliged to follow the requirements described in ISO 9001, our quality management policy as well as internal policies relating to the quality management system.

PRO-CONSULT has set quality targets for customer satisfaction, repair time and complaints.

PRO-CONSULT's management revises our quality goals every year. The goal must be ambitious enough that it forces us to constantly improve.

If the policy is not met, the department manager in the department where the error occurred must follow up on the cause of the error and, if necessary, create a deviation and prosecute the error. The director follows up and learns from our mistakes. And key performance figures are continuously updated.

ISO-9001 certified

We are proud that PRO-CONSULT's management system has been ISO-certified by Bureau Veritas per 31 October 2023. ISO is an international standardisation, with a focus on quality management, which is recognized throughout the world.

ISO 9001 certification

Soldering certificate

In addition to the ISO certification, we have an IPC-A-610 soldering certificate. Knowledge is shared internally via our education system.


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