General Terms and Conditions

Conditions apply to offers for repairs

In italics explained in “everyday language”:

  • We cannot be held responsible for misprints, discontinued items and force majeure. It may happen that we type incorrectly when we make offers, but most often such mistakes go to the "loss account" to maintain continued good customer cooperation. Likewise, hard-to-find spare parts may have been included in the offer and have been sold out when we receive the acceptance of the offer. Here we will try to find another product within the same price range and otherwise enter into a dialogue with the customer about a different (but still reasonable) price.
  • An offer for electronics repair can only be given once we have had the equipment in our workshop and got an overview of the damage. Although we often have an idea of how much equipment costs to repair, we just have to have the patient on the table to see if it fails the same as "they usually do" or if there are other damages.
  • If an offer has been made for a case and it is wanted to be upgraded to an urgent case, the offer is automatically reverted to work on account. In an offer case, our priority is to deliver what is desired at a good price. In the case of an urgent matter, our priority is "as soon as possible", which is rarely the cheapest. But we can talk along the way and coordinate delivery time and price range.
  • When making an offer, one hour is set aside to examine the damage to your equipment and summarize an offer. If the customer is not interested in the offer, the standard invoice is for one hour's work. In one hour, we can manage to make the correct registration of the repair and get an overview of any moisture and short-circuit damage, which is often time-consuming.
  • Offer is valid for 2 months from today, unless otherwise agreed and reservations are made for out-of-stock components.
Reservation applicable to sales cases

We buy goods from all over the world under different conditions, but always try to trade with the best suppliers. The right to complain about used goods is at least 3 months and up to one year. Used goods from our own warehouse can be returned, but used goods bought abroad cannot be returned.
The right of return for new goods applies to the same conditions as from our supplier. Most often, it is to be expected that only part of the product's price can be refunded, as the condition of the product must be checked before it can be delivered to another customer.

Offer excludes:
  • Costs for shipping the item if it is not picked up at one of our workshops. Our normal shipping price includes the shipping price + time to pack the item securely so that it can withstand being sent.
  • Work outside our workshops, such as troubleshooting and assembly at the customer's facility. Time spent outside the workshop can depend on many factors over which we have no control, eg how easy it is to get to the customer's machine. If you receive an offer for equipment that we have dismantled at your place, you must take into account that there will also be a bill for the time we spend at your place.
  • Software as well as the time for procurement/procurement of replacement software, unless this is specifically mentioned in the offer. We can repair your electronics, but it is the customer's responsibility to have a back-up of original program and software. If it turns out after repair that the program has been lost and the back-up is not available, we would very much like to help you and we can agree - for an additional cost - to try to obtain this.
  • Work on equipment where unauthorized intervention and replacement of incorrect components have previously been carried out. We assume that the equipment once worked but that a component, printed circuit or similar is the cause of the error. But if a previous repairer has changed the design by switching to a component with the wrong value, it is time-consuming to come to that conclusion.
  • Miscellaneous fees. Fees should only be charged if the customer has chosen a specific service, but the cost of administration is included in our hourly price. Most customers choose for us to send the item to them and it costs a shipping fee corresponding to the cost and time consumption.
PRO right of complaint
  • At PRO-CONSULT, we offer a 2-year warranty on all workshop repairs.
  • The right of complaint covers the parts and work carried out by PRO-CONSULT.
  • The right of complaint covers the function that has been reported as faulty by the customer.
  • In the event of a complaint about equipment that has been repaired at our workshops, PRO-CONSULT may require access to the customer's facility in order to see the equipment in interaction with the remaining facility.
    • If faults are found on equipment that does not relate to the one that was sent in for repair, an invoice will be issued for travel and hours spent on fault finding and rectification with the customer and at the workshop.
    • If it is a justified complaint, PRO-CONSULT will pay for the exit as well as any warranty repair (however, a maximum of 2½ hours' drive from one of our workshops).
  • Sales goods. We buy all types of industrial components, from ALL places in the world, both new or used depending on what is desired. We give a minimum of 3 months right of complaint to test the equipment and advertise about the equipment, but are otherwise subject to the purchase conditions from the factory / our supplier.
The right of complaint does not cover:
  • Software not produced or supplied by PRO-CONSULT.
  • Errors in switch settings (addresses, etc.), where the customer cannot provide information about which settings are the right ones.
  • Coverage of production losses at the customer.
  • Coverage of consequential damage to other units.
  • Errors that have not been described in the last error report, however, we always endeavor to carry out a general review if the customer wishes this.
  • External damage caused by:
    • External short circuits.
    • Other defective external equipment.
    • Defective connections.
    • Incorrect installation by anyone other than PRO-CONSULT.
    • Lightning strike.
    • Faulty operation of equipment.
    • If the unit has been exposed to foreign objects, condensation, water, moisture etc.
Replacement for lost goods sent from PRO-CONSULT

PRO-CONSULT sends as standard, packages as normal parcel post, unless otherwise requested by the customer. The price for the freight is charged to the customer. If a package is lost en route from PRO-CONSULT to the customer, PRO-CONSULT will provide another item. If the compensation amounts to more than DKK 40,000, PRO-CONSULT transfers the responsibility for compensation to PRO-CONSULT's product liability insurance.