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PETER Electronic
PETER Electronic

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Peter Electronic product range

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VersiStart is the PETER Electronic soft starter series and is available in versions from 3 to 550KW. They are controlled by microcontrollers, which ensure the most optimal start-up, where the starting current is limited. In addition to limiting the starting current, VersiStart can also be used for soft start of, for example, conveyor belts filled with items. Can be used for E1 and E2, but also for the new E3 engines, which are normally difficult to get to soft start.

VersiBrake are DC brake controls that meet the latest requirements within machine safety and are available in versions from 6 to 600A. With control of the current, as well as control of whether the motor is completely stationary, you can be absolutely sure that the machine is completely stopped before access to the moving parts is allowed.

VersiComb is a series of combi modules which consist of both a brake and soft start function. This ensures that your engine can start up smoothly with low starting current and at the same time can brake the machine down quickly again, while also ensuring that there is no access to the moving parts.

VersiDrive is PETER Electronic's flagship within frequency converters, supplied from 0.2 to 160KW. They are an excellent way to control the speed of AC motors, synchronous motors as well as asynchronous motors. All kinds of pumps, heat pumps, vacuum pumps, fans, cranes, extraction, compressors, centrifuges, saws, conveyor belts, elevators, woodworking, grinding machines, textile machines, packaging machines, printing machines, virtually everything can be controlled with these frequency converters.

SPG series of DC motor controls with a quadrant control, from 2.5 to 16A with tacho control, and field supply, is applicable for many purposes, such as: conveyor belts, printing machines, pumps, rotary tables, wire feed, packaging machines, etc.

VersiSafe is an advanced security module that does not need external sensors. Can be connected in a myriad of ways, with the aim of monitoring movements.