Valmar Ice Cream machines

Valmar ice machines

We specialize in servicing and selling commercial ice cream machines. We have therefore become an authorized dealer of Valmar ice machines, which is a first class ice machine.

Advantages of Valmar Ice Cream Machines

Valmar was founded in 1987 and has specialized in the art of making ice cream ever since. Valmar has developed commercial ice cream machines that can produce up to 28 kg of ice per production cycle.

The Valmar ice cream machines are available in many different variants and with many different functions. Using the ice cream maker, you can make ice cream with a perfect consistency and texture. Valmar's ice cream machines are equipped with a measuring instrument which measures the consistency of the ice cream during the production cycle. This way, the perfect consistency is achieved - every time.

Valmar ice cream machines are the perfect choice for companies that would like to offer their customers homemade ice cream. The machines function well in both restaurants, small cafes and restaurants. They are also available in smaller sizes that fit into most kitchens.

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Test an Ice Cream Maker Before You Decide

We offer one-day ice cream making courses where you learn how to operate an industrial ice cream machine and how to make tasty ice cream. This way you can test the machine before you decide. When you have completed the course, you are an expert in making ice cream on commercial ice cream machines. You will receive a diploma for your participation.

If you subsequently buy a Valmar ice machine through us, you will get the price of the course deducted from the price of the machine. When purchasing, you just have to state that you or one of your employees has taken part in the course. It is a requirement that the invoicing takes place to the same CVR number. Contact us for dates and price. We hold ongoing courses.

Repair of Commercial Ice Cream Machines

It is important to maintain your ice cream machine, and we therefore offer repair and maintenance of commercial ice cream machines. If the ice cream machine needs to be repaired, we have an on-site service.

Founded in 1987

Valmar was founded in 1987 and specializes in efficient freezers and commercial ice cream machines that produce up to 28 kg of ice at a time. Valmar has a large selection of ice machines for industry, suitable for both small and large companies.