Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric

We offer repair, troubleshooting and sales of Schneider Electric. Contact us to learn more.

Sales of Schneider Electric Parts

From us you can buy a large selection of Schneider products and components. We supply, among other things, frequency converters, soft starters, HMI panels, push buttons and much more from Schneider. 

PRO-CONSULT are specialists in industrial electronics and can supply almost everything you are looking for in electronics and automation products. 

We have over 35 years of experience in the industry, and our sales department is ready to supply the components that you need.

Do you have an older machine where the defective component has been discontinued? We specialize in procuring and delivering discontinued components. Call us today.

Schneider Electric

Repair by Schneider Electric

We have repaired and troubleshooted on many products from Schneider over the years. We have therefore become quite skilled at working with machines and systems where Schneider components are included. 

Our technicians are ready to assist you from our departments in Viby Sjælland, Padborg and Vejle. We cover all of Denmark and other countries as well.

On-site Service

We have an outbound service and you can always catch us on the phone on +45 4648 2060.

Schneider Electric

In the 21st century, Schneider Electric has been dedicated to providing solutions to challenges in energy supply, infrastructure and industrial automation. The company focuses on innovation, digitization and sustainable technologies to meet the ever-changing needs of a globalized world.

The company was founded in 1836 and has today over 150,000 employees on a global scale.