Ice cream machines

Sale of commercial ice cream machines

We offer commercial ice machines from the brand Valmar, which supplies reliable and efficient machines for the production of Italian ice cream.

The ideal choice

The machines are the ideal choice for ice cream kiosks, restaurants and other businesses that want to serve delicious ice cream that will keep customers coming back.

Our technicians are really good at servicing Valmar's ice cream machines, and therefore we became a supplier of this particular brand.

As experts in industrial electronics, we can say that Valmar ice machines are quality machines.

Large selection of models

In addition to ice cream freezers, Valmar also supplies mixers that ensure good mixing of the product and easy operation. We also offer pasteurizers as well as the Multi model, which, due to its precise heat control, can melt chocolate as well, make creams and jams.

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Why Choose an Ice Cream Machine from Valmar?

In addition to an eminent quality, Valmar ice machines are available in several sizes. You can make ice cream from 3 kg and up to 27 kg at a time, depending on which model you choose.

Valmar ice cream machines are available in different sizes. We offer machines that fits into small cafés, but also larger ice cream machines with correspondingly large capacity for large companies.

Valmar's ice cream machines are of high quality, they are easy to operate and the quality of the ice cream is top notch.

Contact us and find out more about prices and models.

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Ice course - Commercial ice machines

We offer ice cream courses, where you learn how to make ice cream on a Valmar ice cream machine. We plan new dates on an ongoing basis, so contact us for information on future dates. 

If you subsequently buy an ice machine through us, the price of the course will be deducted from the price of the ice machine. It is a requirement that the invoice will be send to the same CVR number as the course and that the machine is purchased the same year as the course.