Frequency converters

Repair and troubleshooting of frequency converters

At PRO-CONSULT, we are specialists in industrial electronics, including frequency converters.

We repair, for example, converters from Allen-Bradley, Fuji, Mitsubishi, Danfoss and ABB, but also from many other brands.

A frequency converter is particularly important in production, as it can vary the frequency, which directly affects the rotational speed of the asynchronous motor which it controls.

An adaptation of the rotational speed can be used for energy saving in, for example, ventilation and cooling systems, so that the motor can run at low speed when not much cooling or ventilation is needed. It can also be used in practical terms to ensure that the engine runs at a speed that suits the purpose. 

We can repair all types of frequency converters.

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Frequency converters
Frequency converters

Sale of frequency converters

Frequency converters come in a myriad of brands and variants, and it is important to choose the right one.

Our sales department advises you so that you can choose the right model for the purpose. 

We have agency on PETER Electronic frequency converters and can also deliver virtually all makes and models – new or used – it's up to you and your company's needs.

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What is a Frequency Converter?

A frequency converter, as the name indicates, can vary the frequency1. Thus, it can vary the energy consumption of a device or equipment, so that electricity is saved. Today, it is more relevant than ever to reduce your power consumption with a frequency converter. A frequency converter can also lower the noise level from equipment and reduce the mechanical stress on machines. Read any more in the article "What is a frequency converter?".

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