We offer the entire range from Eaton as well as repair of the brand.

Large selection of Eaton

With us you can buy the entire range from Eaton, including products within hydraulics:

Electronics and automation products

Eaton is known for supplying electronics and automation products to industry. The range is wide and is a great choice of product.

PRO-CONSULT - your reliable supplier

We supply virtually all brands within electronics: ABB, ELMED, Infranor, Kollmorgen and a lot other things. We have helped Danish and foreign companies with electronics and automation products, and we have become an established brand in the industry.


Eaton hydraulics

Eaton has recently joined forces with Danfoss about their hydraulic products, under the name Danfoss Power Solutions. 

The company has previously been one of the most recognized suppliers of hydraulic products and supplies products at component level, but also supplies larger solutions.

We offer a wide selection of hydraulics from the brand.

35 years of experience with electronics

PRO-CONSULT has existed since 1989, when we started as a repairer and seller of electronics for industry. For many years we have sold Eaton hydraulics, which are efficient quality products. 

Your local electronics specialist

We specialize in providing quality products and solutions that match your needs. We offer efficient and reliable service.

FAQ - Buying from Eaton

Read answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

Why choose PRO-CONSULT?

PRO-CONSULT has many years of experience in electronics and automation solutions. Whether you need help with product selection, installation or maintenance, our team is on hand to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Fast and efficient service

At PRO-CONSULT, we know how important it is to have quick access to the necessary products. We help you reduce downtime in your business. 

Our record for product delivery was 26 minutes!

Why choose Eaton?

The brand is known for their innovative solutions within power management and automation, which ensures optimal operation and efficiency. Their wide range covers everything from circuit breakers and UPS systems to advanced energy management systems that help reduce energy costs and improve system performance.

With Eaton, you get a robust and future-proof solution of good quality.

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