Sales of Sensors

At PRO-CONSULT, we have many years of experience in the sale of sensors for industry. We have a large selection of brands, including Wenglor, Carlo Gavazzi, SICK and Baumer.

We can deliver brand new models, but our sales department also specializes in delivering sensors that have been discontinued or are difficult to find on the market.

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Experts in sensors

PRO-CONSULT is the ideal choice when it comes to sale of components and parts for machines and plants. 

We are familiar with a wide range of manufacturers, so we can supply the sensors that best suit your company.

We always share our knowledge internally so we can become even smarter within the field of industrial electronics.

PRO-CONSULT – Your Local Specialist

For the past 35 years, PRO-CONSULT has specialized in electronics for industry, including frequency converters, PLCs, industrial PCs and much more. We provide personal advice and are always available.

Sensors - Definition

A sensor is a device that detects or measures physical or chemical properties and converts them into electrical signals or digital data1. The sensors play a crucial role in modern technology and are found in a wide range of applications, from smartphones and cars to industrial production processes.

The sensors are designed to pick up specific types of input, such as light, temperature, pressure, sound or movement. There are many different types of sensors adapted to different purposes. For example, cameras use image sensors to detect light and color, while thermal sensors measure temperature changes.

When a sensor detects a change in the measured properties, it generates a signal that can be understood and processed by electronic systems. This enables devices to respond intelligently to their surroundings. An example is the car's parking sensors, which warn the driver when the vehicle is close to obstacles.