Industrial PC

Repair and Troubleshooting of Your Industrial PC

Get your industrial PC repaired at PRO-CONSULT - we have been repairing industrial PCs for over 35 years and we do all kinds of repairs.

We have seen all kinds of damage - from lightning to too much voltage. We can solve many types of problems, e.g. defective or worn power supplies and motherboards or problems with drives and graphics cards.

We've seen it all before and handle pretty much every type of problem. We can also help you restore the hard drive if it is broken.  

Contact us today for the repair of your company's industrial PC.

Industrial PC
industrial PC

Buy your industrial PC at PRO-CONSULT

Do you need a spare PC? We can deliver it to you. We can supply both new and used units, depending on your preference. In collaboration with our technicians, we can also take a backup of your old industrial PC and transfer the program to the device that we deliver to you.

Our sales department are experts in sourcing older models if you are looking for a very special machine to run specific programs.

Give us a call, we will make sure to assist you the best way possible.

Your Local Expert in Industrial Electronics

We repair and troubleshoot on industrial electronics. We can repair almost all types of machines and systems.

Personal Service at PRO-CONSULT

We repair and sell many types of components, in addition to industrial PCs. Read more about Allen-Bradley, DINA Elektronik and Fanuc. We can also repair PLCs, HMI panels, motors, frequency converters and much more. We are local specialists in industrial electronics and are always available.

We make sure that our customers receive personal service. That's why you won't be faced with a long telephone menu when you call either - you'll speak directly to one of our employees. Get hold of us on phone +45 4648 2060.