Ultrasonic Welders

Ultrasonic Welders - Repair and Troubleshooting

PRO-CONSULT are experts in industrial electronics and can repair most ultrasonic welders. For many years, we have repaired various makes, among others Branson, Dukane, Galdi and Telsonic.

We have many years of experience with the technique behind ultrasonic welding and the problems that can arise.

Are you having problems with your ultrasonic welding machine? PRO-CONSULT can help you out!. We are nationwide, and our experienced technicians are ready to assist you and your company.

Ultrasonic Welders
Ultrasonic Welders

Sale of Spare Parts for Ultrasonic Welders

If your converter is broken, we can often repair it. But if you prefer a new one, our sales department will help you. 

If you need a new tool for your ultrasonic welder, contact our sales department and hear about your options.

PRO-CONSULT – Your Local Specialist

For over 35 years, PRO-CONSULT has specialized in industrial electronics, including frequency converters, PLCs, industrial PCs and much more. We provide personal advice and are always available.

Ultrasonic Welding Machines

Ultrasonic sealers are widely used in dairies and in the food industry for sealing packaging1. It is also used in the plastics industry where materials are welded together. Ultrasonic welders are also used in many other assembly processes, where they are included independently or integrated into the machine lines - it depends on the production.

Ultrasonic welding uses a low amplitude and high frequency vibration to weld pieces together. The vibration produces heat. The heat and pressure of the ultrasonic welder provides an effective weld between the two pieces.

Contact PRO-CONSULT for more information ultrasonic welders as well as repair and sale of industrial electronics.

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