We offer repair, troubleshooting and sales of MULTIVAC. Contact us to find out more.


Repairing MULTIVAC is one of our core competencies at PRO-CONSULT. Our skilled team of technicians can help with breakdowns of equipment as well as equipment maintenance.

Whether it's troubleshooting electronic components, replacing parts or similar, our team of technicians is always ready to provide reliable repair services that extend the life of your equipment.



When it comes to selling MULTIVAC, PRO-CONSULT is proud to be a dealer of the brand. 

Our sales team has an in-depth knowledge of MULTIVAC's products and are experts in guiding you so that your company gets the best possible solution.

We strive to build long-term partnerships and provide the best possible advice to you. PRO-CONSULT is the ideal choice when it comes to the sale and repair of industrial electronics.

On-site Service

If you need to have machinery repaired, we offer on-site service. With our three offices in Viby Sjælland, Vejle and Padborg, we service Denmark and other countries as well. You can always catch us on the phone at +45 4648 2060.

MULTIVAC was founded in 1961 and has now been around for over 60 years. They were founded by Sepp Haggenmüller, who developed the very first chamber machine in collaboration with his friend Artur Vetter. The chamber machine was named MULTIVAC A4.

In 1984, the company invented the ESPACE tray sealer.

MULTIVAC is now a global company based in Germany and produces packaging machines for industry.

The company has offices in over 160 countries worldwide.