Repair and Troubleshooting of Industrial Electronics

At PRO-CONSULT, we have been repairing and troubleshooting industrial electronics ever since our start-up in 1989.

We have over 35 years of experience with both new and discontinued models in electronics – from servo drives to frequency converters and PLCs.

We repair all electronics for businesses and are always ready to help.

Contact us now and hear about your options.


Sales of Industrial Electronics

Our sales department can provide everything from HMI panels to text panels, displays, touch panels, sensors and PLCs.

We can deliver both the newest models on the market as well as discontinued older models. If you have an older machine or plant, we can often deliver spare parts for it.

We Repair On-site

We have both sevice in our local department as well as on-site within your company. We have 24/24 service and are always ready to help in case of a breakdown. Call us on +45 4648 2060.

Local specialists in Industrial Electronics

At PRO-CONSULT, we repair and troubleshoot industrial electronics for a large number of Danish and foreign companies. Repair of industrial electronics is our core competence.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you with repair and troubleshooting of your machine or plant.